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PRO'SKIT 1PK-616B Professional Electronic Tool Kit 220V

PRO'SKIT 1PK-616B Professional Electronic Tool Kit 220V

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Proskit 1PK-616B Professional Electronic Tool Kit (220V)
Ideal For 『Electronic / Electrical Basic』
Electronic Products Repair
Basic Maintenance & Troubleshooting
DIY Prefer

1PK-052 Lineman's plier 165mm
1PK-258A Side Cutter 125mm
1PK-709 Long nose plier 150mm
1PK-362D Soldering iron stand with sponge
1PK-366PN Desoldering pump
1PK-SC109B Quick heat ceramic soldering iron 110V or 220V
89101A Line color screwdriver 3.2x75mm
89101B Line color screwdriver #0x75mm
89102A Line color screwdriver 5.0x75mm
89102B Line color screwdriver #1x75mm
89107A Line color screwdriver 6.0x100mm
89107B Line color screwdriver #2x100mm
9108 Line color screwdriver nut 3/16"
9109 Line color screwdriver nut 1/4"
8PK-2061 6Pcs Electronic screwdriver set
903-150N-B Professional multimeter
9H002/9H002A 7pcs Folding type hex key set (inch) or (metric)
TW9IT PVC insulated tape
9S001 Solder core 63%, SN
9ST-1A Carrying zipper bag

1PK-616B (Metric)
Soldering Voltage 220~240V
Case size (mm) 375x250x60
Individual Packing Inner box & Color label Shrink

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