FLUKE VT04 Visual Infrared Thermometer with Li-Ion Rechargeable (FK VT04)

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Fluke visual IR thermometers are widely used for electrical, building services and facilities operation and maintenance applications. They combine surface temperature measurement with real-time thermal and visual images. The thermal image eliminates the time necessary for component-by-component measurement associated with a traditional spot thermometer (radiometer). The Fluke VT04 offers also Hi/Lo temperature alarms, time-lapse image capture and auto-monitoring. Its PyroBlend Plus optics give sharp images (four times sharper than VT02). They also give a wide field of view (28° x 28°) for improved scanning and up-close evaluation. In addition to its use in making professional reports, the SmartView software can be used to store up to 10 000 images per GB on the Micro-SD card 4 GB (included). The SmartView software and the product manual are available for free download at www.fluke.com/vtsmartview and www.fluke.com/vtmanual.


Features & Benefits


Fully automatic with built-in intelligence
Built-in digital camera
Compact, pocket-size design 210 x 75 x 55 mm, 40% smaller than entry-level infrared cameras
Centre point temperature measurement
Single-button blending (5 modes) of digital and thermal images, to instantly indicate exact location of issue
Alarm and time-lapse features
Automatic hot and cold spot trackers
SmartView reporting software
Li-ion rechargeable 3.6 V, 2250 mAh, 8.1 Wh battery (supplied), battery life 8 hours
Low cost instrument with no cost of training or need for additional software
Temperature range -10 °C to +250 °C



Please charge the battery before using the VT04 for the first time

Supplied with

Hard Case, rechargeable battery, Micro-SD card 4 Gb, Micro-SD conversion adaptor to standard, Wall plug with worldwide adaptors, USB to micro-USB cable, Printed quick start guides (English, French, German, Spanish and Simplified Chinese).