100 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder(100mm) Stroke Jack Ram

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Capacity : 100 Ton
Stroke : 100mm
External Diameter : 178mm
Internal Diameter : 110mm
Height : 172mm
Maximum Height : 272mm

- Designed for use in all positions.
- High-strength alloy steel for durability.
- Chrome-plated piston resists wear and corrosion.
- Dust wiper on piston rod reduces contamination.
- Baked enamel finish for increased corrosion resistance.
- All cylinders are proof tested to 125% of capacity before leaving the factory.
- 100 ton cylinder bores are roller burnished to harden the surface and make it smoother.
- Cylinder models are spring return.
- Each cylinder has an HH-II R2 3/8 male half coupler and dust cap.
- Each cylinder has a flat grooved saddle.