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6 Way Hydraulic Puller Set

10 ton capacity hydraulic ram with tommy bar. Supplied with three position puller legs covering a spread of 50 - 250mm and reach of 0 - 250mm. Can be used as a two or three legged puller with the same head.

Contents: 1x combination head. 1x hydraulic ram. 3x three position puller legs. 6x leg connectors. 6x screw nuts, bolts and washers. 1x 32mm extension rod. 1x ram nut. 1x blow moulded storage case.

Capacity: 50 to 250 mm millimetre
Product Type: Puller Set
Weight Each: 4.89 kg kilogram
Number of Pieces: 18
1x 32mm extension rod
1x blow moulded storage case
1x combination head
1x hydraulic ram
1x ram nut
3x three position puller legs
6x leg connectors
6x screw nuts, bolts and washers

Additional Features: 10-ton capacity hydraulic ram with tommy bar
Number of Jaws: 2, 3

Jaw Reach: 250 mm millimetre