FLUKE 378 AC/DC True RMS Clamp Meter with i-Flex (FK 378)

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Features :
- True-RMS AC/DC clamp meter
- Includes Power Quality Indicator
- CAT Rating: CAT III 1000V; CAT IV 600V
- Capacitance/Resistance: 999.9 µF/ 60 Ω
- Voltage AC/DC: 1000 V/1000 V

For the first time, make non-contact voltage measurement with an industrial clamp meter, accurately and safely, without connecting to live conductors. Improve your workflow efficiency for 3-phase measurements and use the Power Quality indicator to screen for Power Quality related issues.

The Fluke-377 FC and Fluke-378 FC Clamp Meters have four unique capabilities that set them apart from other clamp meters:

Voltage and Current Measurements with FieldSense Technology
Measure true-rms voltage and current readings without making any metallic contact to a live conductor using FieldSense, a Fluke-patented technology. The dual display allows voltage and current measurements to be viewed simultaneously.

Complete 3-Phase Measurements in Quick Easy Steps
No more hand-written notes or complicated math. Simply clamp the jaw over each of the three phase conductors and get a full set of phase-to-phase voltage and current measurements on the clamp. Phase rotation information is also auto-calculated and shown on the Fluke Connect software

Power Quality Indicator Monitors Equipment for Power-Related Issues
The Fluke-378 FC includes a unique Power Quality that senses power quality issues related to voltage, current and power factor automatically.

Record, Analyze, Share Results with Fluke Connect Software
Automatically record all measurements, see the full set of 3-phase readings at a glance, collect data over time for preventive maintenance, share results and questions with coworkers

Enhanced Safety
Award winning Fieldsense enables Voltage measurements without connecting to any live conductors. The clamp meter senses electrical field in the clamp jaw to make voltage measurements.

Manufacturer Specs
Non-Contact Voltage Yes
CAT Rating CAT III 1000V
True RMS Yes
Capacitance/Resistance 999.9 µF/ 60 Ω
Diode/Continuity No/Yes
Low Pass Yes
Min/Max/Average Hold Yes
Frequency 500 Hz
Voltage AC/DC 1000 V/ 1000 V
Current AC/DC 2500 A/ 1000 A
FieldSense Voltage 1000 V
Display V and A
Power Quality Indicator Yes
3-Phase Measurement Yes
Phase Rotation Yes
Visual Continuity Yes
Reporting Software Yes

Tech Specs
Clamp Meters/Clamp Meters Template
True RMS Yes
Maximum Current DC 1000 A
Maximum Voltage AC 1000 V
Maximum Voltage DC 1000 V
Min/Max Yes
Backlight Yes
Resistance Yes
Continuity Yes
Capacitance Yes
Diode Testing No
CAT Rating IV
CAT Voltage 600 V
Power Factor (PF) Yes
Single Phase/Three Phase Three Phase
Test Equipment General Attributes
Unique Features Includes power quality indicator
CAT III 1000 V
CAT IV 600 V
Product Height 12.00 IN
Product Length 7.00 IN
Product Width 4.13 IN
Shipping Weight 2.26 LBS
ECCN Number 3A992
Country of Origin United States
Shipping Height 12.00 IN
UPC 095969916615
Shipping Length 7.00 IN
Shipping Width 4.13 IN