UNI-T UT582+ Digital RCD (ELCB) Tester (UT582+)

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UT582+ is mainly used to detect whether the RCD in the circuit canbe triggered normally. It is only suitable for single-phase circuitswith the supply voltage range of 195V~253V. Its voltage measurementrange is 30V~600V, 45Hz ~65Hz.

1.RCD test wiring check;2.RCD test phase angle selection (positive 0〫 and negative 180 〫 half cycle test)3.Contact voltage alarm (UL25V or UL50V)4.Automatic data retention5.Overrange display6.FUSE security protection7.AUTO RAMP test (20%~110% step function, 10% increase step) 8.simultaneously displays trip time and operating current9.Auto power off function, backlight function Voltage and frequency test function (voltage 30V~600V frequency: 45Hz~65Hz)10.Battery powered 6 1.5V alkaline batteries Low voltage tips11.Double insulated or reinforced insulation safety construction