HAKKO PRESTO 981G-V23 Soldering Iron (20W~130W) with Sirim Plug Top MADE IN JAPAN

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1.This is Hakko Presto brand for wide applications include soldering small and large components.
2.Performs power raise from minimum 20W (normal) to 130W maximum.
3. Provides heat-resistant element for on-site repairing and servicing purposes.

1.Name: HAKKO PRESTO No.981G-V23 Soldering Iron (20W~130W)
2.Type: Gun
3.Model: 981
4.Power Consumption: 20W/130W
5.Standard Tip: 980-T-B (Sharpe-B)
6.Color: Blue
7.Heating Element: Ceramic Heater
8.Insulation Resistance: Over 100MΩ(20W)
9.Total Length: 160mm
10.Weight (w/o cord): 92g

Package Included:
1 X HAKKO PRESTO 981G-V23 Soldering Iron (20W ~ 130W) and Free 3 Pin Plug Top.

Normally use the HAKKO PRESTO at 20w. However, it can be heated at 130w while the micro-switch is pushed. If you want to shorten the heat recovery time (approximately 20 seconds to get ready for soldering) or if you temporarily need high heat capacity to solder a relay or a connector, push the switch for 5 to 10 seconds. Push the button for 130W.
*Do not push the button over 30 seconds.

Product Features:
~ The HAKKO PRESTO features two operating wattages-20W and 130W, which can be switched by simply pressing a button according to the component size you want to solder.
~ A ceramic heater which quickly increases the temperature.
~ A high- performance micro-switch
~ “Everpoint” tip achieves excellent corrosion resistance thanks to our unique manufacturing method (Several 10 times the life of copper tips)
~ Made of SUS304 for high resistance to rusting and oxidation caused by heat
~ A flange which prevents the heat from being transmitted to the grip.