JONNESWAY C-3DH292 + W86112S

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Model : JONNESWAY C-3DH292 + W86112S

92pcs Tool Chest Set (6pt socket) + 12 pcs Super Tech 72 Teeth Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set 


1.) Jonnesway W45117S 86112S



2.) Jonnesway C-3DH292

Tool Chest Set 92 Pc

JOT610 92 Pc Tool Chest Set
Drawer 1 S04H4120ST 18 Pc 1/2” Dr. Socket & 1 Pc 1/2” Dr. Universal Joint 1/2”Dr. Socket (S04h4) Size : 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,27,30,32mm 1/2” Dr. Universal Joint (S15h472)
Dawer 2 W26902ST 11 Pc Combination Wrench Set (mm) And Hex Key Set 18 Pc Combination Wrench (W26): 6-16mm 9 Pc Extra Long Arm Hex Key (H03sm109s) Size: 1.5,2,2.5,3,4,5,6,8,10mm
Drawer 3 W26107ST W26107ST 7 Pc Combination Wrench Set (mm) 18 Pc Combination Wrench (W26): 17-22, 24mm
Drawer 4 S04H5222ST 18 Pc 1/4”Dr. Socket Set + W/4  Pc Screwdriver Set 4 Pc Anti-Slip Screwdriver(D71):Ph#2X38, Ph#2X100, 6.5X100, 6.5X38mm 12 Pc 1/4”Dr. 6Pt Sockets(S04h2): 4,4.5,5,5.5,6,7,8,9,10, 11,12,13 1 Pc 1/4” Dr. Quick Release Reversible Ratchet Handle(R2902) 1 Pc 1/4”Dr. Extension Bar, L: 50mm (S24h250) 1 Pc 1/4”Dr. Extension Bar, L: 100mm(S24h2100) 1 Pc 1/4”Dr.flexible Handle, L: 130mm (S22h2130) 1 Pc 1/4”Dr. Sliding T-Bar, L:110mm (S23h21130) 1 Pc 1/4”Dr. Universial Joint (S15H240)
Drawer 5 S04H4506ST Extension Bar And Flexible Handle For C-3Dh262 2 Pc 1/2”Dr. Extension Bar: 125, 250mm (S24h4) 1 Pc  1/2”Dr. Sliding Bar 300mm (S23h41300) 1 Pc  1/2”Dr. Flexible Handle 450mm,Knurl Type (S22h41450) 1 Pc  1/2”Dr. Wobble Extension Bar (21H4150) 1 Pc  1/2”Dr. Spark Plug 21mm (S17h4121)
Drawer 6 S04H3116ST 16 Pc 3/8” Socket Set 6 Pc 3/8”Dr Star Socket (S06h3), E10,E11,E12,E14,E16,E18 5 Pc 3/8”Dr Star Bitsocket (S07h3), T25,T30,T40,T45,T50 1 Pc 3/8”Dr. Spark Plug Socket, Size:5/8” (S17h3216) 1 Pc 3/8”Dr. Extension Bar, L: 75mm(S24h375) 1 Pc 3/8”Dr. Extension Bar (S24h3150): Size:3/8”, L: 150mm 1 Pc 3/8”Dr. Universal Joint (S15h356) 1 Pc 3/8”Dr. Adaptor, Size: 1/2” (S16h1238)

  • Model: C-3DH292 + W86112S
  • Manufactured by: JONNESWAY


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