KYORITSU KE 2300R Fork Current Tester (KEW 2300R)

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True RMS reading is an essential feature for accurate measurement.

“Non Contact” voltage function indicates the presence of AC voltage by warning the user with an audible signal.

Set the DC current range to zero in one touch with the Zero Adjust function.

KEW FORK 2300R can be used in crowded connection boxes, where cables are very short, and space is too limited to clamp cables using with a traditional clamp meter.

When load current is not affected by the distortion, both averaging value type and true RMS (root mean square) type clamp meters show the almost same value of about 10A with constant wave-form as the above display samples. However, when load current is affected by some distortions such as inverter, etc...,averaging value type clamp meter indicates 5.5A instead of 9.7A and true RMS type clamp meter indicates 7.9A instead of 9.7A with irregular wave-form. Accordingly, true RMS type clamp meter is recommendable for the measurement of the equipment with inverter control devices.
Due to the use of thyristors, inverters and other energy-saving controllers in recent electric wiring, current waveforms often include harmonic components and are distorted compared to sinusoidal waves (50/60Hz).
The Kyoritsu True RMS value tester is able to measure distorted waveforms using true RMS since waveforms are being internally calculated continuously. In contrast, when measurements are made with a averaging value tester, errors are generated in the measurement value because the tester cannot continuously track distorted waveforms.

(Compared to the true RMS value tester, measurement values for the averaging value generate more than 30% errors in some cases.)


Measuring Range


Current Measurement

AC A 0 to 100.0A
DC A 0 to ±100.0A

|±2.0%rdg±5dgt (50/60Hz)

Conductor Size

Max Ø10mm

Non Contact Voltage

Detect AC voltage
without contacting
with socket wire

During voltage detection,
"Hi" flashes and
a buzzer sounds intermittently


161.3(L) × 40.2(W) × 30.3(D)mm

Crest Factor



110g (with batteries)

Maximum Digit


Safety Standard

IEC 61010-1 CAT.III 300V Pollution Degree 2

Power Source

R03 (AAA) × 2


Carrying Case
R03 (AAA) × 2
Instruction Manual

Made in: Thailand