OLFA SCR-S 25mm / SCR-L 60mm Multi-Purpose Scraper

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Sharp edged scraper featuring 25mm, 60mm width stainless steel blade, and strong, durable handle to efficiently tackle most conventional jobs. Stainless steel blade offers better protection against rusting or longer use. Disposal scraper, blade is not replaceable.

Good for caulk removal, glass cleaning prior to window film applications or post painting projects, light-duty floor scraping, wall and glass panel cleaning and more.

Disposable for light-duty scraping, preparation, and clean-up
Stainless steel blade
Includes blade cover for safety
Hang-hole for added convenience
Symmetrical handle for both right- and left-hand use

Width perfect for tight spaces. These handy scrapers feature high-quality, stainless steel blades, and strong, durable handles to efficiently tackle most conventional jobs. Stainless steel blades offer better protection against rusting or longer use. Left- and right-handed use. Acetone resistant for easy cleaning. Disposal scrapers, blade is not replaceable. 

Stainless steel blade is integrated into the handle and is not replaceable
Polypropylene acetone-resistant handle
Symmetrical shape for right- and left-hand use
Good For: Removal and prep work activities for floor, wall, roofing and ceiling applications


OLFA blades are extremely sharp. Handle with care. Wear safety goggles. Always be alert and attentive when using a cutter or knife. Take the time to fully learn the correct use and limitations of any cutter. Never assume that you know how to properly use a knife. Store knives and blades in a safe place. Keep out of reach of children !