UNI-T UT501A 1000V Digital Insulation Resistance Tester (Original 1 Year Warranty)

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UT501A Insulation Resistance Tester
UT500 series insulation testers are used to measure the insulation resistance of electrical equipment and household appliances. This is done by measuring the insulation resistance between electrical circuits or between circuits and ground. UT500 series can measure insulation resistance, AC Voltage, low resistance, PI (Polarization Index) and DAR (Dielectric Absorption). These are ideal tools for ensuring transformers, genera-tors, high voltage motors, power capacitors, power cables, arresters and other electrical equipment that can operate in a safe and accurate manner.

It is used for insulation resistance measurement for insulation materials and various kinds of electric equipments such as transformer, electric machines, cables, switches, electrical appliance, a ideal tool for electric maintenance, testing and inspection

Features :
1. 2000 count LCD display, overload indication, backlight
2. AC voltage measurement, auto power off
3. Auto discharge
4. Continuous measurements mode, red warning light and buzzer function

Model: UT501A
Insulation Resistance(Ω)
Test Voltage: 100V/250V/500V/1000V 0%~10%
100V: 0.00MΩ~100MΩ ±(3%+5)
250V: 0.00MΩ~99.9MΩ ±(3%+5) ; 100MΩ~5.5GΩ ±(5%+5)
500V: 0.00MΩ~99.9MΩ ±(3%+5) ; 100MΩ~5.5GΩ ±(5%+5)
1000V: 0.00MΩ~99.9MΩ ±(3%+5) ; 100MΩ~5.5GΩ ±(5%+5)
Load Current: 50V(R=50KΩ) 1mA 0%~10% ; 100V(R=100KΩ) 1mA 0%~10% ; 250V(R=250KΩ) 1mA 0%~10% 500V(R=500KΩ) 1mA 0%~10% ; 1000V(R=1MΩ) 1mA 0%~10%
Short Circuit Current: <2mA AC
Voltage (V): 30V~750V ±(2%+3)

Package Includes :
1 x UNI-T Insulation Resistance Tester
1 x High voltage test leads (Black and Red)
1 x High voltage alligator clips (Black and Red)
1 x Protective cover
1 x Storage bag
1 x Strap
6 x 1.5V AA battery
1 x English manual.