VALUE VRP-2DLi Cordless 18v Vacuum Pump

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The Value VRP-2DLI is designed to suit the needs of air conditioning technicians when evacuating a system suitable for small residential air conditioning, vehicle air conditioning and appliances such as refrigerators and freezers. The VRP-2DLI features long run time of up to 50 minutes, large sight glass to easily check the oil level and is compact and lightweight at only 3.2kg. Being a cordless pump makes this unit convenient in places where electrical power is not available or difficult to access.

2 cfm 57l/min
dual stage
1/4’’ sae
233 x 90 x 190mm - 3.2KG
160ml oil capacity
18v 5ah battery included
50 minutes run time

Kit Includes:

Value VRP-2DLI Vacuum Pump
Value VB51818V Battery
18v Battery Charger with Australian Plug
Aluminum Carry Case
Value Vacuum Pump oil