50HS321 Ceiling Hole Cutter 8" With Cowling Kit

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Adjustable Hole Cutter 8" With Cowling Kit (50HS321)

Pro Adjustable Twin Blade Multi-Function Hole Cutter Cut perfect circles in Ceilings, Walls and Floors Every Time! It's built tough to meet the needs of Electricians, HVAC Mechanics, Audio Installers and other construction professionals.

If you've had to cut holes in ceiling Gib before (to install downlights for example) you'll know what a horrible job it is. It's not so much cutting the hole that's the problem it's the dust that gets in your eyes, in your hair, all over the floor and everywhere!

Well forget all that now you can cut a dust free hole. The shield around the circle hole cutter seals off the dust and it has a rubber cushion on the rim so it won't mark paintwork. As you're drilling the shield is held against the surface by the spring on the hole cutter shank. The shield also has a bearing for very smooth and straight cutting.

This is a great tool if you're an electrician, plumber, builder or a DIY geezer

* Quick, easy, clean cutting of holes in ceilings, walls and floors
* Cuts holes 30mm to 200mm diameter, in ceilings, walls and floors.
* Cuts Plywood, Sheetrock (Gypsum Board), Fiberglass, Fiber Cement Board, plaster, stucco, etc
* Cutting Depth to 30mm, Cuts materials up to 50mm thick.
* Ball Bearing Design for Job-Site durability
* ABS Impact Resistant Dust Shield
* Clear Dust Shield improves visibility during cutting while collecting shavings for faster cleanup
* Great for installing Recessed Lighting, Ductwork & Ceiling Fans
Kit Contents:

200mm adjustable hole cutter with Cutting blades
Storage Carry Case
2pcs 8mm twist centre drill
5 x TCT masonry drill bits 4,5,6,8,10mm
5 x HSS wood drill bits 4,5,6,8,10mm
3 metre tape measure
Allen key for all adjustments
Spare One Pair alloy steel Cutter blades
Builders pencil
Fiber cement board
Hardboard etc