Brannan 13/744/2 Whirling Hygrometer Swing Thermometer

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Hygrometers are instruments for measuring the water content of the air in percentage relative humidity (% RH) They can also be used to calculate the dew point when used with the relevant tables. We offer a selection of hygrometers including wet and dry bulbs hygrometers. Hair hygrometers and whirling hygrometers.

Whirling hygrometers. Also known as sling psycho-meters or aspirated hygrometers. Employ the wet and dry bulb principle to determine% RH. They are designed to be rotated by hand to provide adequate and constant ventilation of the bulbs.

Temperature Range: -5 to 50 Degree Celsius
Divisions: 0.5 Degree Celsius
Accuracy: +/- 1 Degree Celsius
Accessories: 1. Calculator Chart
2. Protective Bag
3. 2 pcs Replacement Wicks