Electronic Kitchen Scale 2KG / 0.1G

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Electronic Kitchen Scale 2KG / 0.1G

Product information: 

- + Maximum weight 3kg
- Weight unit: g (gram) lb (pound) oz (ounce)
- Product size: 16cm x12cm / scale: 12x 12 cm
- Plastic material
- Classification: Weigh 2kg / 0.1g

User manual:
- Power button: turn on and off the tare (press and hold to turn off)
- Unit: convert Unit weight

Usage : Modern design, luxurious design, with function keys (on / off / unit), LCD screen with color light, weighing very suitable and convenient for users. Use Diverse usage and division help meet all different usage needs.- The display shows the number of liquid crystals with high display resolution - Users can choose different units Kg / g / lb / according to each needs.