FLUKE 1537 2500V Insulation Resistance Meter (FK 1537)

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Key features:

- Up to 500 GΩ insulation resistance measurement range

- Fast-measurement design, faster & stable resistance reading, higher efficiency

- Automatic calculation of polarization index (PI) and dielectric absorption ratio (DAR)

- Low power design meets the requirements of high-intensity work: up to 1300 times of 2500 V measurement, and up to 6500 times of 250 V measurements*

- High-safety design with dangerous voltage alarm function, and complies with CAT IV 600V standard and China power industry specifications DLT845

- The new high-reliability design, all specifications are met even under the environment of 50 °C temperature and 80% RH; all probes and corresponding ports are tested for 30,000 mating test.

Fluke 1537 adds the following features based-on the above features:

- AC/DC voltage and resistance measurement

- Short-circuit current >5 mA, faster and more accurate

- Fine-tunable test voltage: 250 V to 2500 V,100 V step

- Automatic calculation of dielectric discharge rate (DD), find insulation problems that are not easily detectable in multilayer insulation

- User-defined label, timing test, measurement results storage

- Download data with provided PC software

- 3 years warranty


- Display : 73.5 mm x 104 mm

- Battery : 8 AA alkaline cells, IEC LR6

- Dimensions (H x W x L) : 184 mm x 211 mm x 93 mm

- Weight : 1.3 kg