HAOSHENG HS-30 Dual Action Airbrush

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The double-action trigger Air-Paint control,precisely machine fine nozzle, suitable for airbrush hobby, nail art, tattoo.

For example, Model Painting, Body Art, Fine Art,Car painting, Illustration, Thin Cosmetics, Ceramics and Figurines.


Airbrush gun is 0.30mm nozzle and needle
Spray pattern fine detail to 0.75" (0.30mm to 20mm)
Dual-action and round pattern
Atomizing air pressure is 0.1-0.29 MPa
Preset handle for paint contorl
New features aid the application of special effects such as hairline, shading and grain.
The airbrush that does it all - from fine hairlines to finely atomized background spray, along with an entire range of stippling effects.
Teflon needle packing is excellent for its resistance to solvents.
Adjustable main lever tension
Single-piece auxiliary lever/needle chucking guide
Dual action Airbrush
Internal mix Airbrush
Feed Type: Gravity
Nozzle: Dia. 0.30mm
Cup Capacity: 7CC
Working Pressure: 15~50PSI

Model airbrush HS-30
body length 150mm
nozzle dia 0.30mm
metal cup 1*7cc