KARCHER SC1020 Steam Cleaner

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Karcher SC1020 Steam Cleaner

The SC 1020 cleans without chemicals. With its new floor nozzle, which is covered by terry cloth, the SC 1020 is perfect to clean all sorts of floors. The underside of the nozzle bears on the floor which assures a better cleaning result. The improved mechanic of the cleaning teeth guarantees better cleaning. The SC 1020 is suitable for window cleaning as well. By using the round brush or the detail nozzle you can even clean small cracks or slots.
The capacity of the water tank is 1.2 litres and is heated with a 1500 watt motor. The maximum pressure of 3.2 bars produces a high steam output. Persistent dirt, like scale and grease can be removed without high effort in an economic way.
The compact size of 380 x 254 x 260 mm and the light weight of 3.7 kg permits a simple and fast cleaning action.
Like any other Kärcher steam cleaner the SC 1020 contains high quality and safety standards.

* New floor nozzle with cloth and improved cleaning result - For floor cleaning
* Extension tubes - For floor cleaning
* Hand tool - To clean small surfaces
* Compact size and light weight - Easy to transport
* Detail nozzle - Concentrates steam jet on one spot
* Round brush - Cleans small surfaces, cracks and angles
* Ergonomic carrying handle - Comfortable handling
* Safety valve - To avoid to open the boiler under pressure
* Accessories storage
* Parking position - For work interruptions and comfortable storage

Comes with:
* Childproof safety lock x 1
* Safety valve x 1
* Floor cleaning kit x 1
* Steam flow control on handle
* Hand tool x 1
* Detail nozzle x 1
* Round brush, black x 1
* Integrated funnel x 1
* Floor tool x 1
* Steam hose with gun 2 m
* Terry cover 1 piece
* Cleaning cloth set x 1
* 2 x 0.5 m extension tubes x 1
* Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 380 x 254 x 260
* Heating output (W ) 1500
* Max. steam pressure (bar ) 3.2
* Tank capacity (l ) 1.2