KENNEDY KEN5530120K 650mm Pen Type Handle Magnetic Pickup Tool

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Pen Type Pick-Up Tool

Pen-type handle with pocket clip, high power magnet.

Lifting Capacity: 1.80kg

Complete with a pocket clip, this magnetic pick up tool is the ideal way to ensure your workspace is completely free of debris and materials, even reaching into awkward or confined spaces. Able to extend or be retracted for storage, it features a permanent magnet that does not need to be remagnetised. Possessing a diameter of 11.55mm.

Features and Benefits
• High strength magnet makes easy work of picking up magnetic debris and material
• Pocket clip allows you to easily attach the tool to your person for safekeeping
• Can reach into awkward and hard to reach areas
• Manufactured from steel for durability

Typical Applications
• Ideal for use in industries and environments where fallen debris and parts is in inevitable, yet a clean, safe area is important such as:
• Automotive
• Workshops
• Warehousing
• Production Line