KENNEDY KEN5530140K 580mm Pen Type Adjustable Magnetic Pickup Tool

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This magnetic pick up tool has a small but powerful magnet that is designed to pick up small ferrous objects. With a pen-type handle and pocket clip, the product also features a multi-directional head and telescopic neck. The magnet has a maximum lifting weight of 680gm (1.5lb).

Features and Benefits
• Telescopic nature allows the product to extend to access ferrous materials in hard to reach areas
• Simple yet effective way of keeping your workspace clear of harmful magnetic debris such as screws or bolts
• Pocket clip allows you to fix the product to your person for ease
• Handy slim design means it can be used in confined spaces

Typical Applications
• Warehousing
• Workshops

Adjustable Pen-Type Magnetic Pickup Tool

Pen-type handle with pocket clip, multi-directional head.