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1.4-2.4" DIAL BORE GAUGE OXD3151050K

Dial Indicating Bore Gauges - Inch

29mm 1 1/8" Dial Diameter
Suitable for rapid, accurate measurement of size, concentricity, wear, taper, etc., in a wide range of bores. For workshop and inspection use. All models have one fixed and one moving anvil and a self-adjusting centre shoe. A 'datum point' can be set by using a setting ring of a known diameter or a micrometer. ' Zero' the gauge to this datum point by rotating the bezel to align 'zero' with the indicator. To check a bore is within tolerance, the limit hands can be fixed as required. All anvils are spring loaded to expand into the bore. For accurate reading ensure the stem of the gauge is parallel to the axis of the bore. This can be checked by 'rocking' the gauge back and forth until the smallest diameter is found. All models have inter-changeable anvils to cover a range of bore sizes. 
Supplied in a tough hard case.

Type - Inch
Graduation: 0.0005"
Face Dial: 2 3/16"
Reading: 0-25-0
Travel Per Rev: 0.050"
Total Travel: 0.25"


Property Value
Brand Oxford
EAN13 Barcode 5036140154155
eCl@ss Code 21170308
Supplier Part No. 3151050K
UNSPSC Code 41111600

Further Information

Property Value
Bore Depth mm millimetre 9 in. inch
Dial Diameter 57 mm millimetre in. inch
Graduations mm millimetre 0.0005 in. inch
Measuring Range mm millimetre 1.4 - 2.4 in. inch
Product Number  
To Suit  
Type Dial Bore gauge
Accuracy mm millimetre in. inch
System of Measurement Inch