PRO'SKIT 6PK-332 98.5mm Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripper

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  • Stripping Length: This stripper can strip cable in four lengths 4,6,8,and 12mm. The stripping length is preset to 6mm. If you want to strip other lengths, you may adjust the blade's position.
  • Blades' Depth: You may use the hex wrench, which is install on the bottom of the tool to adjust the blade's depth. Insert the hex wrench into the blade depth adjust on the bottom of the stripper , then rotate the hex wrench clockwise (to cut smaller cable) or counterclockwise (to cut larger cable).Repeat above steps to set the other blade.
Material Application Replacement blade OAL. Individual
Body Blade


(6 pcs/pack)
98.5 mm Blister card