PRO'SKIT PK-2629 Telecom & Network Installer Tool Kits (NEW & ORI PROSKIT)

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ProsKit PK-2629 Telecom & Network Installer Tool Kits
combination of essential tools for telecom and network installation and maintenance.

PK-2629 Contents :-
1PK-067DS Dual color side cutting plier (165mm)
CP-148 Telecom combi-crimper/plier
SD-201A Pro-soft screwdriver (-3.0 3.0X75mm)
SD-201B Pro-soft screwdriver (+#0 3.0X75mm)
CP-3141 Impact terminal tool for krone
CP-376E Modular crimping tool (200mm)
MT-1210 3 1/2 Digital multimeter
MT-7029 Noise-filtering network PoE toner & probe
9ST-2628 Tool bag