PRO'SKIT PM-805F 130mm Plastic Cutting Plier

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  • Perfectly mated cutter, hardened and tempered of all cutting edges.
  • Specific angle designed for flush cutting sprues off plastic components or soft materials such as lead.
  • Wire spring for self-opening action to supply smooth operation.
* Lightweight, compact, easy to carry
* Drop forged steel construction for durability
* Precision made of fine polished, high carbon drop forged steel
* It won´t damage the shelled-wired and works conveniently with high efficiency
* Smooth plastic grip provide extra comfort and reduces hand fatigue
Material HRC Application OAL.(mm)
Body Handle Body Cutting edge Soft steel Copper
S55C PVC 41˚± 3˚ 60˚± 2˚ Ø 1.3mm Ø 2.0mm 130