SINKYO AM-100 Analog Multimeter

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Model :SINKYO AM-100 Analog Multimeter

Features : 

  • Smart Protection at Ω range
  • Null DCV
  • Gilded Test Leads
  • Speacial circuit for testing at Max. 20/200MΩ just with 1.5V batteries (9V Battery is not required)

SINKYO AM-100 Specications

Functions Range Accuracy





± 3% of FSD

± 4% of FSD

Input Impendence 20KΩ/V

Overload Protection: Max.

500V AC/DC BUT Range 0.1V: Max. 250V

Null DCV ±-5V, ±25V ± 5% FSD

Input Impendence: 40KΩ/V

Overload 1000V Max.

AC V 10-50-250V-1000V

± 4% of FSD

Band width: 40~20K Hz


Input Impendence: 9KΩ/V

Overload Protection: Max. 500Vrms AC/DC.BUT

DC A 0.5-2.5-25-250mA ± 3% of FSD

Drop Voltage: 50 m V

Overload protected by one

Fuse 0.5A at mA range.



X1: 0.2~2KΩ Midscale at 20Ω

X1: 0.2~20KΩ Midscale at 200Ω

X1000: 20~200KΩ

Midscale at 2000KΩ 

± 4% of ARC

(Scale Length)

Overload protected by the Oxide Varactor & Thermal Resettable Fuse. The Input Voltage limit: Min.50V, Max.250Vrms AC/DC.
Power Supply

Internal Battery:

AAA,R03P 1.5V 2pcs