VALUE VE2100N 1.0HP 12.0CFM Portable Dual-Stage Vacuum Pump

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Value VE 1.0HP 12.0CFM Portable Dual-Stage Vacuum Pump..
Model VE2100N

More reliable, higher ultimate vacuum
.Forced oil cooling system
.Integrated body structure
.Big sight glass for monitoring oil level

Brand Value
Model VE2100N
Voltage 230V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power 1.0HP
Flow rate 283-340L/min / 10-12CFM
Ultimate vacuum :
.Partial pressure 2x10-1 Pa
.Total pressure 15 micron
Inlet port fitting 1/4" & 3/8" flare
Oil capacity 590ml
Dimension 395 x 145 x 257mm
Net weight 16.7kg

The vacuum pump is designed to work with refrigerants like HFC and HCFC (eg R410A, R407C). Dual stage vacuum pump with high performance is used in refrigeration and air conditioning.

Warranty 6 months