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Designed For
Air Sterilization
Fog & Haze Prevention

The XERALIFE AIR MASK (model no. XMA-001) is designed to provide cool comfortable fit for a well-sealed barrier to ensure proper protection against harmful germs.

  • > 99% BFE and VFE filtration
  • Not just a filter, it decomposes viruses and bacteria
  • Reduces risk of cross contamination
  • Anti-Microbial, Odor Resistant, Comfortable Wear, Durable, Superior Breathability

5-ply Germ Decontaminator Mask with Air Valve

  • 1st Layer: Fluid Resistance Fabric Material
    - Superior fluid protection up to 160 mmHg exceeding ASTM Level 3 standards
  • 2nd Layer: Anti-Microbial Filter
    - To capture and decompose organic contaminants and VOC
  • 3rd Layer: Needle Punch Pre-Filter
    - Pre-filtration against harmful particles and smog
  • 4th Layer: Sub-Micron Filter
    - High performance filtration up to 0.1 micron particle-size with above 99% efficiency
  • 5th Layer: Hydrophilic Fabric Material
    Comfortable, absorbent inner layer to reduce discomfort from moisture build-up from inside the Air Mask as well as added protection from the surroundings
  • Air Valve: Enhanced Air-flow Design with Filter
    - Cooler wear with enhanced circulation to help expel heat, moisture, and carbon dioxide from our exhalation that builds up within the mask